Abundant Community Windsor Park

A grassroots initiative fostering neighbour-to-neighbour relationships

ACE Block Map

ACE Block Connector Zones, Windsor Park, 2020-05

Penny Tucker – Ace Coordinator

Margie Ritchie                                                                   A

Marilyn Gaa                                                                       B

Linda Banister                                                                   C

Marilyn Steier                                                                    D

Lisa Alton                                                                            E

Kim Lakeman                                                                     F

Elaine Morrison                                                                G

Elisabeth Beaubien                                                         H

Janet Sperling                                                                    I

Lynne Guest                                                                       J

Merrilyn Greig                                                                   K

Marie Wilson                                                                     L

Mike Cheung                                                                   M

Patricia Dolez / Mark Peppler                                       N

Bentley Condo – No Connector                                   O

Chuck Lee                                                                        P

Scott Meadows                                                                 Q

Marion Lamb                                                                     R

Irene Hendersen /

Brenden & Danika Kunimoto                                       S                                                             

Sara Kalke                                                                        T

Ted / Louise Bentley                                                       U

Sheryll Ford                                                                      V

 Janine Otto/ Kyrstie Green/                                         W

Michael Jacka/Kristi Williams /Allison Russell             X

No Connector                                                                    Y

No Connector                                                                    Z





The goal – to cultivate a culture of care and connection, increased sense of belonging and inclusion, and ultimately create a more healthy and livable neighbourhood – one block at a time.

What is Abundant Community?

“Abundant Community is based on the belief that every individual in a neighbourhood has a contribution

to make, and uncovering, sharing and the harnessing those contributions creates neighbourliness, and

also addresses issues as diverse as social isolation, crime, and physical and mental health…” ~Mary Sturgeon, Make Something Edmonton


Abundant Community Edmonton (https://www.edmonton.ca/programs_services/for_communities/abundant-community-edmonton.aspx)



At the heart of the Initiative… is a neighbour or two on each block, a Block Connector who creates a connection and casual conversations with each household about:


  • Life on the block and in the neighbourhood.
  • Having a block social periodically.
  • Creating a confidential contact list for the block.


Meet some of our Block Connectors:


*Marilyn & Lloyd:  Can you please insert hyperlinks here to the 4 Block Connector newsletter articles that highlight 4 of our connectors (written by Ronnene Anderson.). (See attached documents for Janet Sperling, Linda Banister, Jannine Otto and Penny Tucker.)  The original newsletters have headshots of the connectors embedded in them so Alexia or Gail could be contacted to get these if you want to add them in.

Our process …


  • Neighbourhood Connector Penny Tucker:
    • Finds and supports Block Connectors.
    • Facilitates and encourages the block connecting conversations
    • Feeds back to the neighbourhood what we hear from our blocks


Edmonton Journal letter to editor: https://edmontonjournal.com/opinion/letters/fridays-letters-city-program-brings-neighbours-together

CG Answers

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Here are the answers for the question: What is your vision for our neighborhood?
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Here are the answers for the question: What activities would you like to do with your neighbours?
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Here are the answers for the question: What skills, abilities or experiences would you be willing to share with neighbors?

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